Just Because a Marketing Channel Has Incremental Value Doesn’t

You can also do a conversion lift without the tooling of marketing channels, even without cookies. An alternative is testing by regions. This is called a geo-experiment. A geo-experiment is basically simple. You pick 2 very similar regions and assign them both a group. In your test region, you show users an ad, but not in your control region. You make a prediction in advance how many conversions both groups should get, and how much you should get extra from the marketing activity. The difference in the data of the regions is your incremental value.

Your Control

Although the results of this method are not as accurate Sales Marketing Directors, Managers Email Lists as those of a conversion lift of the marketing channels themselves, geo-experiments are future-proof as they do not use data at the user level. A nice alternative for the future.

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How do you use the results?

Just because a marketing channel has incremental value doesn’t mean you should advertise on it. To get a better idea of ​​the value, you can look at the cost per incremental conversion or at the incremental value / cost (ROAS or POAS).


When you have determined the value, you can trade on it. If some of your campaigns have less value, for example retargeting compared to prospecting, or branded compared to non-branded search, you can decide to bid differently. It could also help you with the effectiveness of a total marketing channel and whether advertising on marketing channels makes sense for your brand. For example, think of social media channels such as TikTok or Reddit.

The impact of performance marketing is largely due to the correct measurement of results. Incremental value should not be missing here. Do you have experience measuring the impact of this value yourself, or do you have questions about this? Share your experience or leave your comment below this article.

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