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The certification series focuses on four core competency areas. Explore the Fundamentals of Technical SEO Design for Crawlability Build for. Indexation Prioritize Accessibility & Site Performance Dig into what’s included in the coursework below. Explore the Fundamentals of Technical SEO In building a certification series solely focused on technical SEO. We knew laying the groundwork would be critical. Although many folks in the. SEO space are aware of various components of technical SEO. We felt it was important to identify where these tactics fit within a larger strategy.

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The Explore the Fundamentals course Greece Phone Number List analyzes the reasoning behind technical SEO and its foundational impact on other SEO work. In addition to defining core terminology and principles. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how technical SEO fits into the larger SEO methodology. You’ll learn how search engines find and analyze websites, readying you to apply that knowledge to the concepts of crawling, indexing, accessibility, and site performance that we’ll dive into in later sections. 2. Design for Crawlability Once we’ve gotten the fundamentals down pat, the Certification Series jumps into crawlability – search engines’ ability to discover and navigate a website.

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In developing this section of the coursework, we Phone Number QA wanted to be sure to provide a thorough background on how search engines operate, what they value, and a step-by-step process to ensure that your website is crawler-friendly. You’ll learn the importance of optimizing your crawl budget to help crawlers get to the parts of your site that matter most. These considerations can also improve overall SEO health and even site conversions. In addition, we’ll cover robots.txt, site architecture, response codes, log file analysis, and more, using a variety of tools to give you hands-on practice with designing for crawlability. By the end of this section, you’ll be well-versed in how to optimize.

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