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During the competition it will be possible to collect the maximum number of subscribers, their attention will be completely yours. As a result, don’t miss a moment to showcase other products, answer questions, and share important news. All this is aime at future sales and the creation of a loyal audience. If someone in the comments asks you to make the draw faster, ignore it and stick to the original scenario. Toward the end of the stream, you can give viewers a promotional code for a product with a short validity period (3-4 days). If the subscriber really wants this thing, he will buy it, and a good offer will spur him to do it faster. 7. Do not give links in the draw results. Users were taught to wait for a mention in the final entry. Because of this, they may not even come to the broadcast with a prank. Lack of mention will make the audience more active and attentive.

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Run the competition honestly online, announce the Luxembourg Phone Number List stream in advance and warn that you will not mark the winners. Post the results and wait for users to respond. This approach allows you to award prizes only to active subscribers. It is not necessary to use this advice if you find it incorrect in relation to subscribers. 8. Offer not to unsubscribe. Tell through the bot or posts that you are going to continue to conduct such activities in the future. Work on the content so that users receive only useful information about your company and product. Otherwise, people will still unsubscribe. 9. Make mailings relate to promotional codes. If you gave subscribers a promo code, remind them through the bot about its expiration date. For example, “48 hours left.” This is how you create a FOMO effect so that the user wants to make a purchase quickly. 10. Continue working with the base.

Luxembourg Phone Number List

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When you run a contest you will have access to Phone Number QA the private messages of a large number of people. Don’t ignore this fact. Develop commercial mailings that will be of interest to users. The purchase may not happen immeiately, but after systematic preparation it is quite possible. You can implement such mechanics using Senler. Read about how to do this here . Competitive mechanics №2 Your main task is to reuce CTR and achieve sales growth. The second contest mechanic, which we will now describe, allows us to solve both of them. 1. Post a post announcing a lot of prizes. Let’s say there are 100 of them. How to increase CTR and Conv1_Competitions Make prizes not only for your products, but also for purchase discounts, as in the example below. How to increase CTR and Conv1_Competitions This approach will allow you to lay a profit in 95% of the winnings.


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