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Given the simple rules for placing links on external sites, you can successfully promote your site in search engines. At the same time, do not forget about other aspects of optimization: content filling, linking, technical settings. Basic principles of buying links Search engines constantly introduce filters designe to clear the results of low-quality sites. The official position of Yandex and Google regarding purchase links is unambiguous: this method of promotion is unacceptable. However, the presence of mentions of the site on other sites with links to it remains a powerful ranking factor. You can buy links, but you should do it very carefully and with a preliminary analysis of donor resources. There are several basic principles for buying links. Naturalness . For a link profile to meet this parameter, you nee to think from the perspective of search engines.

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Users most often leave mentions of the site and Finland Phone Number List specific pages when discussing thematic materials. This mainly happens on forums, in social networks and on other visite sites. The naturalness of links is determine by the number of anchors words or phrases , under which the code is hidden to transfer the user to another resource. Usually, users do not prescribe key phrases, but simply place an unmaske link or write “site”, “go”, “more”. There should be more than 80% of anchorless links in the profile. You can not spam keywords in the link itself or in the near-link text. Search engines immeiately identify purchase materials if they contain many keywords with an exact match. Gradual buildup . The main task of link building is to increase the link mass. At the same time, the growth of new mentions should occur smoothly. If the links grow in leaps and bounds, the robots will regard this as an attempt to manipulate the issue. In such cases, restrictions are impose on the site, it loses positions and traffic.

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The authority of the donor site Some webmasters operate according to an outdate algorithm, massively acquiring links on special exchanges. However, this strategy is no longer producing the expecte results. Now even Google, which loves resources with a Phone Number QA large number of mentions, is trying to exclude sites with low-quality content from the results, which are promote mainly by the purchase of eternal links. An important criterion for a donor site is a large trust, which can be checke using the free Rookee tool . Checking the donor site The theme of the donor site . You should not mention your resource on general sites. Usually they are create to place promotional materials that are of little or no use. The link should lead from a high-quality, spam-free site that matches your topic. Individuality . There is no universal strategy for all sites. Each resource nees its own approach.



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