what matters most – and what’s realistic – to achieve company goals. institution. attempt to Bahrain Phone Number

According to a CAS study, inadequate. Also, budgeting (63%) and staffing (78%) continue to be among the top barriers to overall higher education marketing success. But when they narrowed it down to identifying their biggest challenges over the past year, “strategic direction” was one of the most mentioned topics. And when they shared their concerns about the Bahrain Phone Number challenges of the next five years, “keeping up with trends in the profession and public expectations” was the most frequently cited challenge and three times more concerning than two years ago in the CASE study.

HOW TO: Document a content marketing strategy to ensure staff are operating from the same page and budget resources are focused on what matters most – and what’s realistic – to achieve company goals. institution.

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Chris Hornak, CEO of BlogHands.com, brings up a challenge that higher education marketers also face: compliance and approval. A higher education institution often. Also, has so many fingers in the cake that it is Bahrain Phone Number difficult to gain approval or expedite the publication of news or topical content.

HOW TO: Create a centralized, standardized process that gets buy-in

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Bahrain Phone Number
Bahrain Phone Number

“Not all institutions can be at the top of the rankings; it is . Also, becoming increasingly important to showcase uniqueness, niche specialties and ultimate values. Good content marketing has. Also, the power to do this by showcasing the real-life experience

which offers a study abroad directory of over 28,000 schools. says Gina Jones, Account Manager at

HOW TO: Bring your experiences to. Also, life with video and photography. As Gina says, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million and good content marketing using those is the hole in one.”

Jonah says staff interacting with potential. Also, students is a good place to look for content ideas. “Your admissions staff are a great example of that. They respond to prospects’ questions or concerns – this likely means that other prospects share the same. The content could be built to help answer their questions,” he says.

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