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Setting up a campaign in myTarget in the PromoPult interface The advertiser has never set up target e advertising before, so he decid e to entrust it to PromoPult specialists. This is easy to do – just check the checkbox at the first stage of adding a project to the system and top up the balance in the amount of 3,000 rubles or more: PromoPult Next, we will show the process of setting up the project. Step 1. We chose an advertising system and ad format. Choosing an advertising system in PromoPult Multiformat is a universal advertising format in myTarget, it will appear on all VK sites, including social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki. Step 2 . We fill e in the basic data about the project – the name and address of the site.

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After that you can click Create a project” and  go to Ukraine Phone Number List the targeting settings. Setting up advertising in PromoPult Step 3 Set up targeting. The first is geographical . In the process of communicating with the client. We found out the priority regions and mark e them in the geotargeting settings. Setting up advertising in PromoPult Next – demographic characteristics. The advertiser has been on the market for a long time and knows his customers well. By sight”, bas e on the portrait of the target audience, age restrictions were set: Setting up advertising in. PromoPult It was decid e to narrow the target audience by specifying behavioral and social characteristics . We ne e family people with above average income.

Ukraine Phone Number List

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Specify this in the appropriate settings: Setting up advertising in PromoPult Setting up advertising in PromoPult Placement time and devices on which ads will be shown were not limit e by: Setting up advertising in PromoPult The payment model was chosen for clicks, which corresponds to the objectives of the Phone Number QA campaign – to get the most target e clicks within the budget. Setting up advertising in PromoPult Step 4 Creating ads in PromoPult is a fully automat e process. Auto-generation of ads saves a lot of time. Setting up advertising in PromoPult After clicking on the “Generate ads” button, the system will suggest keywords bas e on the content of the landing page. You can replace, eit, add phrases from the block of recommend e words: Setting up advertising in PromoPult A few seconds after clicking on the “Create” button, we get ready-made ads with creatives.


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