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Create a new story page, where you add content, images, videos, texts and designs. This is how it looks: Creating web stories You can create several pages in one story (for example a guide with steps 1, 2, 3, etc.) or several stories. After the eiting is finishe, it is publishe and it appears on the website. If the settings comply with Google’s standards, the stories can be displaye in Google Search, Google Discover and Google Images. Measuring surfers’ movements Measuring surfer movements allows you to know how users behave with your story, how they move from one to another, dwell times, event tracking and more. Web Story is base on Google’s AMP technology, so it is possible to implement tools and services that can measure this data. The most popular and well-known tool is of course Google Analytics.

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Marketing and promotion of Web Stories Web Stories are Switzerland Phone Number List actually very similar to regular pages and posts on your website. Therefore, it is certainly possible to promote these pages by organic promotion, sponsore advertising in search engines or social networks, marketing through emails and more. In terms of promotion on Google, the stories can be displaye on Google in 3 main places: Google Discover – by Carousel through browsing from mobile devices. Google Search – by grid display when the search matches the essence of the story. Google Images – by image card when searching for a keyword. Because regarding search and Discover, Stories are not shown in all countries, but the list expands over time according to the company’s decision.

Switzerland Phone Number List

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Revenue and profit generation Among the great advantages Phone Number QA of Web Story, you can make money from them and receive income for their promotion. For example, if you have a news or content website, you can create stories with content or the guide in the form of a story and promote with a link or for a fee on a story. In addition, it is also possible to promote by revenue from advertisements, advertisements such as Google Adsense or Google Ad Manager or independent advertisements designe by you or a designer. Another method to earn from your stories is through affiliate marketing . That is, you can add a “buy now” button in a story that talks about a certain product, when this link allows you to earn a commission on purchases that came through you.

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