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For example a blog is likely to have a much lower conversion rate than a product page. So it’s worth bearing that in mind during your analysis. Stage  Output  Keyword Breakdown Navigate to [Output 1] Keyword Breakdown. Here you can see the top 20 report with just the four columns that were previously selected. Keyword. Search Volume, Rank, and Ranking URL. There are a number of additional columns. Domain The domain of the ranking URL. Can our site outrank this domain. This column tells you whether you “Can Compete” or.

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Cannot Compete with each of the domains for Brazil Phone Number List their ranking position, depending on whether they are included in the domain list in [Input] Domain Selection. Is it our domain?: This signifies whether it is the domain you have inputted in the [Input] Domain Selection tab. Highest Potential Ranking Position for your site?: This column shows whether the column is the highest potential ranking position for that keyword. Domain Name Mentioned in the Keyword?: This column tells you whether the domain name is mentioned in the keyword. Stage 6: Output 2 — Keyword Highest Rank Navigate to [Output 2] Keyword Highest Rank. Here you can see a summary for each keyword showing you the highest potential rank, estimated traffic, and conversions/revenue, as well as which domain/URL you could conceivably outrank.

Brazil Phone Number List

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There is also data related to your current Phone Number QA  rankings and potential increase in traffic, conversions, and revenue should you reach the highest potential ranking position. These figures are based on your previous inputs, so go back and check what you have entered if you feel that any of the figures are noticeably different to what you would expect. Stage 7: Output 3 — Keyword Highest Rank Navigate to [Output 3] Keyword Opportunities. This output provides the top-level summary focusing on the keyword, search volume, and which domain/URL you could seek to replace. The metrics in this output are focused on potential .

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