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This is not a full site so there is no about page or photo gallery page. There is only short and focused marketing content, a phone number and a form to leave details. Studies have proven that when the surfer is not allowed too many content options, but only presents the benefits of the service and an opportunity to make contact, there is a relatively high probability that he will indeed do so. However, quite a few digital marketing experts (including us) prefer to focus the definition a little more. Instead, we call the pages that surfers may reach “web pages” or “web pages” and reserve the definition of “landing page” only for pages that have a means of contacting the business owner such as a phone number and a contact form, and whose existence is solely for the purpose of obtaining Direct contact with the surfer.

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In other words, all landing pages are web pages but not all web EL Salvador Phone Number List pages are landing pages. A good example is this very page. Although there is a contact form and our phone number at the bottom of the page (and we would really appreciate it if you used them), its sole purpose is not to receive the surfers’ information. [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] On the other hand, here are examples of pages that can definitely be classified as landing pages: Landing page examples Not only do they both have contact forms on them, but they exist solely to capture the information of visitors using the same form. Notice how there are no distractions on the pages. They have a little text that explains the product and motivates the action, all so that the surfer leaves details before leaving the page.

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Why do you need a form to leave details on the landing Phone Number QA page? The form is an opportunity to convert a surfer into an inquiry (“near”). Here at Imojo Digital Marketing we call it a conversion event. The conversion event can occur when filling out a form to receive a free guide, entering an email address to subscribe to a blog or newsletter or even while filling out shipping details for a product you purchased from the business. The form on the landing page, whether it has one field or several fields, is the opportunity for the surfer to give you specific and relevant information about himself, so that you can give him something in return.

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