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It is also allowe to write slogans in capital letters (2–5 words). VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement This ad will not be misse. VKontakte announcement More examples of badly formatte ads Use visuals without aggressive colors VKontakte requires advertisers to select calm shades for images in order to get a neutral and harmonious gamma. The social network frowns on the acidic, flashy colors that advertisers use to abuse. They thought that this was the easiest way to draw attention to their ad. If you have problems choosing colors for a creative, you can use specialize sites with a palette. Hover over the shade you like and you will see the color code that you nee to copy into the graphics eitor. Read about other creative tools here .

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The colors of text and images should be contrasting so as not Oman Phone Number List to spoil the impression and not to complicate the perception of information. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement Some of the words blend into the background VKontakte announcement Part of the text is very difficult to parse Do not use interface elements When advertisers add call-to-action arrows and buttons to a visual, users get a negative experience. Details like these confuse potential buyers and leave them feeling like they’ve been scamme. You should choose images without such elements. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement Inactive order button on the visual VKontakte announcement More examples of bad design Do not use “before” and “after” creatives When it comes to promoting cosmetic or meical proceures, this approach is prohibite. You can not demonstrate such comparisons either in the photo or in the video.

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Previously such images were use everywhere and generate a Phone Number QA large number of leads, but now they are considere manipulative. Now dentists cannot promote teeth whitening with a before and after collage, and cosmetologists cannot demonstrate results after a Botox injection. Similar restrictions apply in Yandex Direct and many other advertising systems. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement Forbidden format VKontakte announcement A few more examples Get rid of images of banknotes Images of money (rubles, dollars, etc.) cannot be adde to visual creatives on VKontakte. Instead, you can demonstrate that the service can be obtaine easily and quickly. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement VKontakte announcement A few examples of low-quality visuals Do not use images with negative connotations Try to focus users’ attention on positive aspects instead of physical defects or problems.


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