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Car rental services, online stores dealing in trading services and sales sites and. Or sales boards that offer exchange transactions of any kind. In most cases. The accessibility of websites to the mobile environment (responsive adaptation. Include various features that are include in the requirement of the accessibility law. And therefore the action of responsive adaptation of the website existing on the network to browsing devices other than laptops and stationary computers. Incorporates various actions that meet the standard requirements of the law for accessibility of websites for people with disabilities.

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It is important to know: the website accessibility law is intende for Australia Phone Number List the accessibility nees of various websites for people suffering from various disabilities such as: visual impairment, deafness, blindness, motor disabilities and more. According to the findings of a comprehensive study among all Internet surfers in Israel. It was found that 25% of all surfers have a disability of one kind or another that makes. It difficult for them to surf websites that are not accessible and therefore the action of accessibility is essential and necessary for each and every one of you who does not want to miss out on every fourth potential customer. Website accessibility The obligation to declare the site’s accessibility According to the law. All websites that are require to be accessible to people with disabilities are also require to publish an accessibility statement detailing the various accessibility adjustments that have been made on the site.

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Also, the accessibility statement must include details Phone Number QA about the accessibility coordinator on behalf of the site, for the purposes of receiving inquiries from people with disabilities regarding the site’s compatibility with their various browsing nees. If the website is exempt in its accessibility (in accordance with the prerequisites for receiving an exemption from website accessibility. It is oblige to publish a notice of the exemption by several different means. Including publishing a notice about the exemption in a prominent and central place on the site. If the website’s servers are locate abroad.

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