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YouTube, the meia network and more. Organic and sponsore promotion – it is possible to present the products both through organic promotion and through sponsore promotion with shopping campaigns. Getting insights – you can get reports and information about the performance of your products across Google. A variety of programs – you can join the tools and programs of the Google Merchant Center to display the products in a smarter way, such as price comparison, surfer reviews, sales promotions and more. Reaching customers all over the world – it is possible to present the products all over the world, depending on the destination country and according to different parameters.

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A variety of sources for sale – you can sell through your Jamaica Phone Number List online site, through the physical store or through Google directly in the “Google Shopping” system. Merchant Center account features A Google Merchant Center account has several important features open to you when you use it. First of all, it’s important to know that you must have a Google account to create Merchant Center. But, one Google account can contain several Mercant Center accounts. For example if you have several businesses or several websites or brands for one business. Well, these are the features of the account: 1. Managing the information of the business.

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A Merchant Center account allows you to configure and Phone Number QA manage your business information as it is displaye to customers when they see your products on different platforms. For example, you can upload your logo, the name of the business, an explanation of the shipping policy, other policies and conditions, determining shipping and transportation amounts, and more. 2. Product catalog management The system offers you a centralize place where you can upload the data of the products and manage them and their display in the various marketing channels, and in particular: Diagnosis – a page that includes an explanation of problems with the account or products, solutions for explanation and additional information.

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