The Fitbit Ekg Application Will Appear in Poland

Fitbit has been approved for use. In both the us and europe of an ecg application. To identify atrial fibrillation. The fitbit ecg application. Also in poland fitbit has received food. And drug administration (fda) approval (no. 510(k)) and the european union conformit. Euro penne (ce) mark to use the brand’s. Electrocardiogram. The fitbit ecg app can help prevent. Serious complications like stroke. By allowing users to detect signs of atrial fibrillation right from their wrist. Its purpose is to assess the heart. Rhythm to detect atrial. Fibrillation, a condition that affects more than 35.5 million people worldwide. The fitbit ecg application was presented. During the recent. Fall launch of new products. Will be available to Fitbit sense users in: us, uk, germany, austria, luxembourg, netherlands, sweden, switzerland, czech republic, poland, belgium, portugal, romania, ireland, italy, spain, france, Hong Kong and India.

Consistent Commitment to Heart Health

Heart disease continues to be the. Leading cause of death worldwide, despite the fact that many. Of them are preventable. Atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm that. Increases the risk of serious complications. Such as stroke, can be. Particularly difficult to detect. Because China Phone Number List episodes do not always show symptoms. Some studies suggest that as many as 25% of people who have had a stroke related to atrial. Fibrillation only found out they had atrial fibrillation. After having had a stroke. As part of the regulatory approval process, fitbit conducted a multi-center clinical trial in multiple regions across the. United states. The study assessed. The ability of the algorithm. To accurately detect atrial. Fibrillation from normal sinus rhythm and its. Ability to generate an ecg or electrical. Recording of a rhythm that is qualitatively similar to an ecg.

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The study found that the. Algorithm exceeded its performance target, demonstrating .The ability to detect atrial fibrillation .In 98.7% of cases and was 100% accurate in. Identifying study participants with normal sinus rhythm. Fitbit’s new compatible ecg app helps. You analyze your heart rhythm for signs of atrial. Fibrillation. An ecg is a measurement of the Phone Number QA heart’s .Electrical activity, and the fitbit ecg. App allows you to read your heart rhythm at any time. – even if you experience. Any unusual cardiac symptoms. Fitbit sense is the brand’s first device compatible with the ecg app, which allows users to take random heart. Rate readings. They can be analyzed. For the detection of atrial. Fibrillation, which is an irregular heart rhythm.

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