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When this option is appli e the system starts analyzing the text vectors of the promot e page. For which it is plann e to purchase links. The smart topic search option is activat e in one click The smart topic search option is activat e in one click After parsing, all text fragments are automatically vectoriz e and lemmatiz e. Thus, the system receives the most simple and convenient forms for comparison – this is necessary, since the database of Sape donor sites includes more than 1 billion pages. Next, a comparison of text vectors occurs, as a result of which the user receives a selection of pages that are most similar in subject matter to the acceptor site. At the same time, the content of the rest of the donor site is not taken into account – only the content and topics of the page itself are taken into account.

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Efficient and fast search for thematic pages Vietnam Phone Number List The smart search option for thematic pages in the new.  Sape interface allows you to purchase rental links, including in automatic mode. Currently, such a possibility is being work e out for the purchase of article links, as well as for integration with the Wizard.Sape automat e promotion service. To activate the new functionality, just select this option in the Links.Sape filter list. In order for the comparison to be carri e out for a specific segment of the text, you ne e to specify “By text” and enter the corresponding fragment manually in the window that appears. An example of a selection of relevant pages in Links.Sape An example of a selection of relevant pages in Links.

Vietnam Phone Number List

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Sape using a thematic filter Apply the smart topic search filter to spe e up link building and increase its effectiveness. You no longer ne e to spend hours manually selecting suitable pages – the system does it on its own. Save time and spend money only on those links that will provide the site with the most weight Phone Number QA and thematic traffic. Retargeting on Yandex search: settings, benefits and pitfalls click.ruB2B Click 22 September 2022, at 10:31 Font:03749 The news about retargeting on Yandex search made many experts happy. Such ads in the issue should be shown to those users who were on the site and left it for one reason or another. The announcement of a marketing novelty happen e on April 14, and soon it became available for use.


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