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Putting them on Page  With that in mind, here are five lessons I learne about E-A-T after closely analyzing the results from those 70 searches. Lesson 1: Original, relevant, recent content is essential Infographic outlining lesson one: original, relevant, recent content is a must. Of all the lessons, this is the least surprising to me, but perhaps the most important. To rank well for relevant terms, you ned to strongly demonstrate that your website belongs in search results. How? Content, obviously. But it’s got to be high-quality content. Usually, I’d say that means you’re addressing the topic from all angles and leaving no questions unanswere. But after this SERP inspection exercise.

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Actually say the three most important characteristics Macedonia Mobile Number List of high-quality content are that it’s: Original Relevant Recently publish or update Original research One factor I sought throughout this study was original research. To me, this includd any content that’s create using information the organization sources, analyzes, and publishes themselves. Just shy of two-thirds of the results’ websites containe original research, but among the websites whose results were in the Top 3 positions, 70% had original research available. This shows the importance of creating your own, unique content — a story only you can tell. Trust me, you have one. Relevance and topical authority Beyond content just being unique, it also needs to be relevant to your industry and target audience.

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Topical authority is a weird concept because Phone Number MX SEOs know it’s real, but there’s no way to measure it, and Google hasn’t exactly come out and said they have a topical authority ranking factor. However, they have given us a lot of clues that point to topical authority being a highly important factor in E-A-T — like this patent they fild in 2017. Even in their recent Helpful Content Update, Google highlights questions that creators should ask themselves when considering their own site content. The question, “Does your site have a primary purpose or focus.

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