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They don’t have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to get in touch with Insolvency Experts. An example of a piece of content with a ‘Get Free Liquidation Advice’ CT. A in the middle Undertaking a competitor analysis. We also conducte a competitor analysis on this topic, focusing on three key players in the industry that.  Were all ranking well for the phrase “company liquidation. We found that the key competitors had the following. Competitor A – 38 indexe articles on liquidation Competitor B – 23 indexearticles on liquidation Competitor C – 47 indexe articles on liquidation.

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Insolvency Experts only had six indexe articles kenya Phone Number List on liquidation at the time, so it was clear we neede to be on their level – this was an obvious content gap. Pitching the content hub to the client We suggeste this idea to the client alongside a forecasting spreadsheet create by our founder, in order to justify the resource that was neede to push the client as high as possible in the rankings for company liquidation. This spreadsheet broke down a huge list of keywords alongside monthly search volume, average click through rate for positions 1-10 on the SERP, domain authority of competitors who are currently ranking for these keywords, and average conversion rate on the site at the moment. Table demonstrating projected revenue for Insolvency.

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Experts depending on where they ranke on Phone Number QA the SERP This unique formula would then allow us to explain to the client that for X amount of work, we prdict we can get you to position X in X timeframe, and this would result in approximately X annual revenue. After pitching this to the client alongside infographics and current performance statistics, they told us they love our ideas and agred to let us go ahead. 2. Plan the content after client approval After the client gave us the go-ahead, the next step was to plan all of this work base on search volume, and therefore priority.

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