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Google Search Console such as ‘what is voluntary liquidation’ and ‘what happens to a director of a company in liquidation’ After cross referencing with the monthly search volume for these questions, she adde some of these as H3s within the guide to see how they would perform. They resulte in so much more traffic that she decide they warrante their own individual guides, hence the idea for the hub. This would mean we weren’t putting all of our eggs into one basket, and that we could also internally link all of them together for users wanting to read more.

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Users that are further down the marketing funnel Denmark Phone Number List don’t want to scroll down a huge guide to find the answer to their specific question, and we were certain that this would positively affect bounce rate. We therefore made sure that nine times out of 10, the H1 containd the question that was being answere ose at the bottom of the marketing funnel who want to speak to someone quickly, we place regular “Contact Us” CTAs throughout the content so that they don’t have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to get in touch with Insolvency Experts. An example of a piece of content with a ‘Get Free Liquidation Advice’ CTA in the middle Undertaking a competitor analysis.

Denmark Phone Number List

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We also conducte a competitor analysis Phone Number MX on this topic, focusing on three key players in the industry that were all ranking well for the phrase “company liquidation”. We found that the key competitors had the following: Competitor A – 38 indexe articles on liquidation Competitor B – 23 indexe articles on liquidation Competitor C – 47 indexe articles on liquidation Insolvency Experts only had six indexe articles on It also details when this will be done and if the action is with us or the client. The tasks are colourd in green for live changes, yellow for action neede, orange for in.

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