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Product and then decide to start consuming your BoFu content. Sometimes they’re already at BoFu and all it’d take to convince them to buy your product is the rightBoFu content.  Make your content t-shaped (for demand and lead generation. You’re probably thinking what’s t-shaped content?”. Allow me to explain. At my agency (Premium Content. Shop we use t-shaped content” to describe the type of content that performs two functions at the same time. It provides real value to your ideal prospects AND Generates relevant organic traffic, demand, and quality leads for your business.

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This little illustration below should help you Denmark Phone Number List better understand what our “t-shaped content framework” means: In practice, this is an example of t-shaped content from Mailshake: Right after the fifth paragraph of the article, they introduce a CTA: This is a t-shaped content piece because: The guide is focused on helping Mailshake’s potential customers cold emailers” The guide is designed to use the CTA to generate demand and leads for Mailshake I often advise clients not to introduce anything about their product/service until readers have scrolled about 40% into the content they’re consuming, just to avoid coming across as overly promotional.

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An I’m not saying putting your CTA that Phone Number QA early in an article could never work  it could  but your readers should feel like you’re prioritizing them getting value from the content over trying to sell your own stuff right off the bat. In any case, creating and ranking t-shaped content helps you achieve two objectives: Build a brand that people trust. Create awareness and generate leads for your product. 3. Don’t just rank content  rank “from-field-experience” content One reason SEO gets a bad rap, especially among B2B marketers, is the sheer amount of low-quality B2B content that’s ranking on page one in the SERPs.

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