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Piece is top-of-funnel try a CTA that’ll move them to the mid-funnel, like a case study. Ballpark length I’m a firm believer that the length of any article should be dictated by the topic, not arbitrary word counts. However, it can be helpful to offer a ballpark to avoid bringing. A 500-word blog post to a 2,000-word fight. One tool that can make coming up with a ballpark word count easier is. Frase, which among other things. Will show you the average word count of pages ranking for your target query. 8. Internal and external link opportunities.

Staying Ahead Of The Competition

Since you’re reading the Moz blog, you’re Uruguay Phone Number List probably already intimately familiar with the importance of links. However, this information is commonly left out of content briefs. It’s as simple as including these two line items: Relevant content we should link out to. List out any URLs, especially on your own site, that could be natural fits to link out to in this article. Existing content that could link to this new piece. List out any URLs on your site that mention your topic so that, after your new piece is live, you can go back and include links in them to your new piece.

Uruguay Phone Number List

Keywords Mean New Ways Of Searching New

The second item is especially important, since Phone Number QA adding links to your new post can help it get indexed and start ranking quicker. A quick way to find internal link opportunities is to use thesite operator in Google. For example, the following search would show me all posts on the Moz blog that mention “content brief.” These could be great sources of links to this blog post. 9. Competitor content Search your target query and pull the top three-or-so ranking URLs for this section of your content brief. These are the pages you need to beat. At risk of creating copycat content (content that’s essentially a.

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