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Charging brands might want to check out the automat duplicate. Detection and resolution services offer by Moz Local so that pesky duplicates aren’t interfering. With listings management, visibility goals, and consumer direction. Category. Electric vehicle charging station” is the proper primary category for you. And my search through listings and. GMB category databases is only finding one other relat category. electric vehicle charging station contractor. Which may or may not be relevant to the business you’re marketing. Hours of operation Google’s guidelines state that gas stations should list the hours of. Operation that their pumps are available, and for most.

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EV charging stations this would presumably Bulgaria Phone Number List be 24 hours a day. As stat above, you’ll probably be uploading your data to Google via a bulk. Upload spreadsheet and the proper configuration for indicating 24-hours-a-day in the spreadsheet is 12:00AM-12:00AM. URL You’ll be allow to include a website link on each listing you create. The best user experience I’m encountering on EV charger station listings is when the listing links to a landing page for the location I’m researching. On the flip side, you may get a ranking boost if you link to the brand’s homepage, instead, due to homepages typically having greater Page Authority than landing pages.

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Photos Videos Make each listing stand out for Phone Number QA customers by adding a few photos of the charger’s location. Given the fact that so many chargers are in vast parking lots, try to take some shots that illustrate the relationship of the station to the largest anchor business near it. This will help orient customers. And, given the newness of EV technology, uploading a video of how to use each type of charger would be extremely helpful to new electric vehicle owners. Reviews Looking around the SF Bay area, I couldn’t help noticing how few reviews these entities are receiving.

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