Ambiguous or That You Don’t Know the Meaning of

Also note that emojis are not displayed the same on all platforms to avoid embarrassing mistakes. A well-known example of this is Apple ‘s water pistol. It appears as a real gun on some other devices and apps.

keep it positive

Just as as a copywriter you weigh your words carefully and as a marketer you first research the preferences of your target group before you cycle emojis into your campaign, you do the same when you use emojis in texts. It is important to stay away from emojis that convey negative feelings or things (for example, weapons, bombs, skulls). You want your users to associate positive emotions with your brand. The Emoji Sentiment Ranking can help you with that.

Source: Emoji Sentiment Ranking

It is also important to consider which emojis strengthen your brand, touch on your mission or brand values ​​or even reflect them? The WWF (World Nature Fund) is often citd as an example of an organization that has mastere the use of emoji optimally. Witnessing this tweet.

Communicate with each other on most social platforms: personal and informal. As a brand, you can tell your message or story in the visual language of emojis nice and short, make Administration Directors Email Lists it more visually attractive and add the necessary emotions to positively charge your brand. When people look at emojis, the same brain areas are activatd as when they look at a human face. No wonder that in recent years more and more brands have startd using emojis in their tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and even on more business platforms like LinkedIn.

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Read the room

You could say that when it comes to the use of emojis in our business communications, we may be a little behind in our perceptions of it compard to our actual behavior. We are cautious about using it, especially in some sectors. Meanwhile, we use emojis so often in our daily life. And technology makes it so easy for us to share them that emojis have long since crept silently onto the office floor and a thumbs up has been handd out quickly.

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