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Now with the which are Choice Whereas customers formerly made choices primarily on the basis of. What was the best can become profitable from helping and healing people and planet. Rather than harming them. Some companies now set out extra unoccupie chairs at board meetings to represent people and planet. And many brands are doing outstanding work in sustainability. But the 3 Ps are also where we get into the dark places of greenwashing. How bad is it? So bad that John Elkington has spoken of revoking his triple bottom line due to corporate abuse of it.

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Duncan Meisal director of Clean Creatives speaks with Greece Phone Number List absolute clarity on the fossil fuel industry being responsible for ¾ of pollution, of the seven million human beings who die untimely deaths every year from this pollution, and of the industry being the worst of all greenwashers. While we SEOs are busy right now trying to understand how to respond to frameworks likeand the Helpful Content Update with truth and authenticity, Meisal calls out oil and gas companies for mass deception: “We have invente all the technology we nee to solve climate change. There is PR and marketing firms to promote that vision hoping to persuade a number of people to it now.

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Organizations are not what they say about themselves, but Phone Number QA what others say about them. no fanciful future technology we nee to begin this transition. We don’t nee any new oil wells, gas, or coal, but the fossil fuel industry is spending over 99% of its capital expenditures on opening new oil wells and pipelines that we don’t nee. There is not a scientific case for expanding the oil and gas industry. The fossil fuel industry is simply trying to keep its business alive, but it is doing so at a catastrophic cost to the rest of the planetThe companies causing this pollution are investing hugely in greenwashing by telling stories about ‘look at us.

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