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VKontakte makes sure that there is no negative connotation in advertising for a long time. For example, you won’t see close-up photos of fungus or other diseases in ads. This creative requirement is now officially documente. Only images of healthy people are allowe to be use. VKontakte announcement Valid example for a weight loss clinic ad VKontakte announcement Lots of capital letters, text, and an invalid image Refuse images with sexual overtones Photos of people without clothes are not allowe to be advertise. It is better to use neutral pictures in which there are no accents on body parts and sexualization. The moderators will not let the image of a girl in a bikini that emphasizes her breasts, but they can allow a photo with a girl in a one-piece swimsuit to be include in the ad.

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Do not use emoji or special characters VKontakte experts Panama Phone Number List believe that it is possible to attract attention without additional emotional elements – text and an image are enough. However, not all special characters are prohibite. You can still apply the The ban went into effect on April 8, 2022. Previously, no more than 12 emojis and 4 in a row were allowe in the text. You can still use them in clips and stories. VKontakte announcement Good example VKontakte announcement Emoji without meaning Use capital letters only according to the rules of the Russian language VKontakte advocates compliance with the rules of the Russian language and recommends not to abuse capital letters. They can only be use at the beginning of sentences, in titles and abbreviations. Such a ban works not only in the text, but also in the name of the community, the title of the ad.

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The name of the community does not comply with the rules Phone Number QA VKontakte announcement Title doesn’t match the rules A complete list of rules for publishing advertisements can be viewe at the link . What to do if the ad is not approve As soon as the ad is approve, impressions begin automatically. When moderators find inconsistencies with the rules, they do not skip ads and send an alert to the advertiser with a description of the reasons. Usually this is a lack of supporting documents, an incorrect visual or poor-quality text. Once the issues are resolve, you can submit your ad for re-approval. We make advertising effective and go through moderation VKontakte The new rules largely repeat those adopte by Facebook. On this social network, they worke well and allowe users to see quality ads. Although the new rules are focuse on positive emotions in people.


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