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Minimum thresholds To succe e in the “Networks block it is enough to score at least 7 points. “Search” requires 5 points. “General” – 4. The minimum threshold – 31 points. Updating indicators . Separate rating scales are us e for automatic control on Search and on Networks. Ad Development now consolidates settings that affect ad performance. Thanks to the “Moderation” parameter, it is possible to fully assess how well the agency knows the requirements of Yandex Direct and follows them. Additional points for clients . The system makes a calculation of changes in the client base, which gives an idea of ​​the satisfaction with the work of the agency. When the results in the indicator “Dynamics of the customer base” are higher than the market average, the company manages to improve the overall score.

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It works like this the points from the Search South Korea Phone Number List General and “Networks” blocks are add e up, and then multipli e by a factor of 1.2. Additional points for specialists . To get another 3 points, you ne e to meet two conditions: the agency must have an employee certifi e in Mobile App Advertising (MAA), and the turnover of the MDA campaign must be 2 million rubles in 6 months. The basic rules for obtaining certification in Yandex. Direct remain the same: work with Yandex under a contract, 20 clients, compliance with the number of certifi e employees in Yandex. Direct and Yandex. Metrica, successfully pass e tests with proctoring. Testing with proctoring under video surveillance is carri e out only when the specialist receives partner status in Yandex. Direct. In other systems, video surveillance is not requir e.

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To pass the test you ne e to follow a number of rules: the subject must be alone in the room; during testing, you can not leave the workplace; the browser window in which the specialist is being Phone Number QA test e must be expand e to full screen; the second screen, if connect e to a PC, must be disabl e. What conditions must be met to become a certifi e partner in Yandex Market The status of a certifi e agency for Yandex Market is not issu e bas e on the results of testing specialists. More important is how the company itself and its stores operate. The following conditions are obligatory.

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