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Other words you ne traffic to have accurate test results. There’s no hard and fast rule for what counts as “enough traffic” but the general consensus is that your web visitors should be in the thousands, at least. I recommend using this sample size calculator tool to get a better idea of a number that’s unique to your website. This is yet another example of how closely intertwin SEO and CRO truly are. Earlier we discuss how important it is to start with a solid foundation in SEO, now you know how it fits into the bigger picture. The common thread here? CRO and SEO have a symbiotic relationship.

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What’s good for one is good for the other. And both Taiwan Phone Number List are working toward the same common goal of generating revenue. Identify marketing funnel gaps When looking at the big picture of your inbound marketing efforts, SEO and CRO can help you identify and fix any gaps in your funnel. Let’s say you have a product page that ranks 1 for its primary keyword and generates lots of traffic. But, when you dig into the conversion data, you notice that only a small percentage of users that land on that page actually convert.

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This is a r flag that something is off with the Phone Number QA page. It could be the messaging, the offer, or the lead form. Just because it works for Google doesn’t mean it’s working for your audience. And their opinion is the only one that matters. This goes the other way around too. Say you have a product page that’s converting at a high rate, but you notice that it’s one of the lowest-traffick pages on your site. This should alert you to revisit the content on that page and identify opportunities to re-optimize it. If you don’t, there are likely hundrs of potential conversions.

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