After this Facebook continued to spread to all parts of the world

Facebook could be available to any Internet user . Therefore, Mark Zuckerberg A complete change: the metaverse And what happening today? As we mentioned a little above at the beginning of the article, in October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg announced the change of company name from Facebook, Inc. to Meta Platforms, Inc. But this not a simple name change, but a complete change in the way of building your business, because now it a “metaverse company”, that , a company that seeks to build an immersive three-dimensional internet, a place to live the internet.

In Zuckerberg’s own words The metaverse the next evolution of

Therefore, Social connection. Our Kuwait Phone Number company vision to help bring the metaverse to life, so we changing our name to reflect our commitment to this future .” A virtual world where people can interact with each other, living a life in the metaverse would possible thanks to Meta. Technology even developed to perceive sensations “similar” to touch. All this means that Meta would like living a “double life”.

Therefore, And while we still can’t see the metaverse at its fullest, there already metaverses that we’ve interacted with before—in video games, for example—so many of us more than ready to see how these kinds of platforms unfold/ worlds. Facebook and Meta What Facebook for? It is somewhat curious that everyone knows Facebook, but that many have left with the idea that it is only used for entertainment or to “waste time”.

The point that Facebook has a lot of uses today If we had

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Therefore, Been told about 15 years ago that Facebook would used to find a partner or to directly sell our products, we probably would have doubted it. So, in a somewhat general way, we can say that Facebook used to: Hang out and share experiences—and memes—with friends and family. Create groups and rampages of common interests. Create a company page to share valuable content with your target audience. Maintain an online store for a local business. Play within the platform. Watch and stream. Create advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads. Do content marketing as part of an inbound marketing strategy .

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