Adidas Presents Lego Sports Shoes

In the first place. Adidas, in collaboration with the. Lego group, has developed a special pair of branded sports. Shoes as part of the a-zx series. A funny time-lapse video on social media shows .Him unpacking the colorful shoes, revealing that several. Pieces of bricks were used .In his design. The official release date of the sneakers. Has not yet been announced, but unofficially it is said. That they will debut on september 25, 2020. This is how adidas celebrates its history with the creation. Of trainers from the a-zx series, in which 26 different footwear models. Will be released in styles that match the classic releases.

Adidas and Lego Have Unveiled a New Pair of Sneakers From the Adidas

In the first place. All original designs will be. Prepared in collaboration with other creators and companies. The original line of adidas zx shoes was first released in 1984 and since then their. Design has influenced sports shoes in retro releases. This is not the only Switzerland Phone Number List clothing. Collaboration planned by the lego group. Recently, the manufacturer. Of the blocks announced cooperation .With the levi’s clothing brand, and. The first product has already appeared in the. Official levi’s store (but is no longer available). Although it was not explicitly announced that. Lego was involved in the project, the yellow cap was named as “Lego beanie.

Which Are the Result of a Collaboration Between the Two Companies

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