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Next, click on sending a confirmation code to your business application. Then enter the code and verify. At the end of the process, a WhatsApp button will appear on your. Instagram profile page under Contact to contact you. This is how it looks. If you manage an e-commerce site for selling products through. A digital online store, and you want to create Facebook Shops stores and manage a catalog, you must be familiar with the Facebook Commerce Manager tool. This is one of the most important tools you should know. What is Facebook Commerce Manager.

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Facebook Commerce Manager (Facebook Commerce Iran Phone Number List Manager) or translate into Hebrew – Facebook Commerce Manager, is a tool or service that allows you to manage your product catalogs, to create Facebook Shops stores Facebook store , Instagram store. It is a system that includes tools and services to manage the information of the products on. The Facebook social networks. This tool is especially suitable for businesses that have an e-commerce store (online store) that sells their products. But if you don’t have such a website, you can still use the tool to manage your products on the platform. A digital marketing expert is available for a call to promote your business Check how to improve your marketing channels to promote sales and customers in the business – free initial consultation (instead of NIS 599). full name phone E-mail Area of ​​activity of the business What service or product are you intereste in.

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I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to Phone Number QA receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . Well, when you have Facebook Commerce Manager, you can set up a store on Facebook, Instagram, Marketplace, WhatsApp or all of them. You can also use a certain catalog connecte to the Commerce Manager account.

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