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Of that grunt work early in my career. There are three main ways I think we’re turning what should be an involve piece of strategic thinking into tedium. I’ll cover them below, along with what to focus on instead. Quantity vs. quality If you hit up your favorite search engine and look for some guides on how to conduct keyword research, you’ll find that a common theme is to start by amassing the most exhaustive list of potential keywords possible. If you run out of rows in Excel, or cells in Google Sheets, that is seemingly a badge of honor. Perhaps you’ll use tools like keyword multipliers.

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This is a fool’s errand, though. Pie graph Uganda Phone Number List showing 48% of daily Moz Blog traffic is single click keywords The very blog you’re reading right now gets 48% of its daily traffic from keywords that drive only a single click. And it’s not like we’re getting the same selection of low traffic keywords every day, either. Google themselves have said repeatedly that 15% of the keywords they see every day are totally new to them. In this context, how can we hope to truly capture every possible keyword someone might use to reach our site? It seems entirely pointless. Why not save ourselves an absolute shit ton of time, and greatly simplify our analysis, by just capturing the few main keywords for each unique intent we wish to target.

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Screenshot of a long list of potential keywords to Phone Number MX target It’s easy to produce an enormous list of keywords that contains perhaps three or four intents, but it’s a grand waste of time, as you’ll be producing some small fraction of a vast unknowable sea of keywords, and you’re going to optimize for the main ones anyway. Not to mention, it makes the rest of your analysis a total pain, and extremely difficult to consume afterwards. Google Search Console, and GA Site Search to add as many obscure variants of your target keywords as you can find.

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