Optimizing Call-to-actions is the Purpose of

Is the purpose of your website to generate leads (which is often the case with B2B websites)? Then contacting us or leaving information is probably the most important part. On every page it should be possible and easy to complete these actions.

Call to action from Evenses

Especially on mobile, it’s good to put the most important call-to-action within thumb’s reach. Don’t forget that mobile users are more impatient than desktop users and are often busy with other things as well. It is therefore very important that you offer a good mobile user experience.

Pick one (or at most two) call-to-actions and make as easy as possible for the user to contact us on this page. Analyze your contact form and remove all unnecessarythem standout VP Communications Officer Email Lists and sticky. Preferably place them at the bottom, where the thumb can reach the easiest. Given the goal, collecting leads, you should always include the telephone number (or mail button) in the header on desktop and preferably make it sticky. That way he always stays in the picture.

Chief and VP of Communications Email Lists

Contact page

The contact page is just as important. Make it as easy as possible for the user to contact us on this page. Analyze your contact form and remove all unnecessary fields. Think, for example, of Company name or Telephone number.

Analyze the user experience on mobile as well. Does the contact form work properly? Is the keyboard dynamic (does it switch from letters to numbers and back in logical places)? Is the telephone number clearly visible and clickable?

Even for websites where generating leads is not the primary goal, it is a missed opportunity if this is not made easy. Orders in B2B are usually larger than in the B2C market. Build trust by being easily accessible and offering help if there are questions. Optimizing contact forms and call buttons is the cheapest way to immediately increase your revenue.

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