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Organizations – can be in contact with volunteers, donors or other people who are important to their organization. Employers – can operate with tools to recruit employees and manage work teams. Physical stores – can display the products they sell, the address of the business and provide sales or marketing services. Digital stores – can interface the products with other tools and with products sold on e-commerce sites. Services and professionals – can give consulting services or quotes to improve their referral with customers. Government entities – can allow users to receive general or personal information, perform actions and more.

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Purposes and uses of WhatsApp for business So for what Mexico Phone Number List purposes should you use WhatsApp? Customer service – as one of the most popular applications in the world, especially among ordinary people and users, WhatsApp may be an excellent tool to provide customer service. The service depends on the type of your business and you can provide service in a variety of topics such as certain requests, delivery of documents, providing answers, technical support service and more. Marketing channel – WhatsApp tools allow it to be a marketing channel for you. Users can contact you to get a quote and details about the services you offer. Of course you can add files and documents, so you can send them to the client. Inquiries can be receive without the nee to keep in touch with a person through a link that can be embede on the website, social networks and other locations.

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Sales channel – as a continuation of a marketing channel, WhatsApp Phone Number QA can also be use as your sales representative by presenting the products or services you offer, automatic messages, referring to products, receiving payment, adding to a shopping basket and more. You can also receive documents from the customer such as identification cards, a signe quote, an order to pick up goods and more. Self-service – deicate and even automate tools and services can be create by bots and tools that interface with external systems. This way people can get information without having to contact a representative and you can optimize the processes.

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