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Are currently getting. In order to make all this magic happen. There is a fair amount of Google Sheets. spice happening in the background. So if you’re a Google Sheets enthusiast, you may enjoy taking a look. Under the hood to see how we’ve pulled it together. The main formula used is the QUERY function in order to pull specific data from one sheet to another, which automatically updates based on the user’s selection on the [Input] Column Selection tab. This logic is us in all the main outputs. The domain selection uses REGEX in order to combine. Together a list of different domains.  Which are us in the different outputs.  To determine whether a site can rank for a specific domain or not.

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Whenever working with rows. We use Cayman Island Phone Number List ARRAYFORMULAs in order. To ensure that the formulas are applied to the whole column. In the example below, we are using the regex above in order to determine whether a domain can or cannot compete for different ranking positions. The estimated traffic, conversions, and revenue positions take the inputs from the [Input] CTR, Conv Rate and AOV tab.In the example below, we are working out the estimated traffic by multiplying the highest potential rank (in column C), looking up the CTR for that position and then multiplying it by the Search Volume (in column B).

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The same logic applies to the conversions and Phone Number QA  revenue figures. Working out the difference in potential vs. current position is done by subtracting the estimated traffic from the current estimated traffic. There is some additional logic in there to catch whether the current traffic is higher than the potential traffic (as we obviously wouldn’t want the potential rank to be lower than the current rank). These are the fundamentals, but if you are interested further, do make a copy, unhide the hidden cells, and have a good look under the hood. Final thoughts Within SEO.

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