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If you are new to the subject of advertising on Facebook , all the different options that. Facebook offers to businesses that wish to advertise themselves on the platform can be confusing. We’ve been advertising on Facebook for businesses for years.  Even we find ourselves stopping for a second or two when we have to decide which advertising option to choose. You must have notice that Facebook uses several different terms that describe the process of advertising the business on the social network. Two of the most common are: Post promotion / Boost Post Create an ad What is important to know is that when a page owner clicks the Boost Post button, he is actually creating an ad.

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It’s simply an easier interface for business owners who aren’t China Phone Number List necessarily Internet experts, and don’t know how to access Facebook’s ads management tool (Ads Manager). With just two clicks, you can create an ad that promotes the Facebook page of that business. Since it’s so easy, it’s tempting to always use this option when the nee for advertising comes up. That is why we are writing this article. We want to get you to stop using BOOST POST and start creating targete ads instead. Why not settle for BOOST POST ? Facebook’s advertising platform is built around goals. In other words, what is the goal that the advertiser wants to achieve by publishing the ad? At the time of writing, the possible goals are: Post promotion Promotion of a business page Sending Facebook surfers to the business website Increasing conversions on the business website Possibility of exposure to people in the physical environment of the business.

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Increase attendance at the event Get surfers to use a Phone Number QA coupon / discount / special offer Increasing the number of video views Receiving “leads” from potential customers As you can see, the goals are very specific. Facebook uses the define goal to choose which surfers to show our advertising message. [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”] On the other hand, when we choose BOOST POST, Facebook automatically chooses the target for you.

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