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The highest search volume, as opposed to focusing. On the keywords capable of driving the highest amount of potential traffic to the site. This can help with developing SEO strategies, such as. Prioritizing new page creation/re-optimization based on potential traffic opportunity. For example, if this sheet highlights an opportunity to drive a significant. Level of additional traffic for specific keywords. You may decide to prioritize building out new landing pages. Or re-optimizing your existing content to target those keywords more effectively. Prioritizing technical fixes based on potential opportunity.

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For example, if a tool such as Little Warden Cambodia Phone Number List highlights technical issues , then this sheet can help you see the highest potential rank for specific keywords, should those issues be fixed. Seeing which competitors are having the biggest impact on ranking positions for specific keywords/keyword groups. For example, if you see that the same domain consistently appears as one you need to replace in the rankings, then it will be worth investing time looking at their strategies and approaches. How to use the sheet Click this link to get your copy of the Opportunity Sheet. Stage 1: Copy & Paste in your top 20 report Import your top 20 report into the tab named [Input] Top 20 Ranking Report, pasting into cell A1.

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You should delete override the existing Phone Number QA  dummy data. The top 20 ranking report can come from any rank tracking tool, for example STAT, Rank Ranger, Accuranker, Data For SEO, etc. At this stage, the order of the columns does not matter. Stage 2: Selecting which columns to include Navigate to [Input] Column Selection. Here you need to use the dropdowns to select which columns relate to: The keyword column The search volume column The rank column The URL column The table on the right-hand side will automatically update as these different dropdowns are updated with the first six rows.

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