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Each subdomain must be equippe with its own key – a unique key that confirms the ownership of the site is transmitte in requests to the search engine API. At the same time, such an exchange involves the use of HTTP and JSON requests. When working with the tool, you can use the following methods to send pages for reindexing to Yandex: Install the appropriate plugin on the site. For example, using a plugin recommende by a search engine. When sending a single address, use the GET method. To send multiple addresses in bulk, you can use the POST method. You can also view the response codes to requests using the links provide to find out if the data was transferre correctly. Work progress To create a new tool, a script was develope that transmits data to.

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The Sape Agency IndexNow Tool works in the Ghana Phone Number List following way: The finishe script file is place in the root of the site. When you run the file in the browser, the tool itself is available, in the field of which a list of pages for indexing is inserte. After sending the request, JSON is generate, which transmits data to search engines. For each of the sent addresses, the current status of the response code is displaye. At the same time, logging of actions in the module is provide in order to control the feasibility of the process. Also adde the ability to save the log. Tool interface Tool interface Experiment results After starting to work with the tool, the indexing of update and create pages on promote sites accelerate by more than.

Ghana Phone Number List

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Yandex was compare to at the beginning The page scanning process is carrie out almost instantly, within 9 minutes 306 pages out of 418 submitte were scanne. At the same time, URLs began to Phone Number QA appear in the Yandex index within 30 minutes after submission. Site crawl frequency Website crawl rate before and after using Sape Agency IndexNow Tool The site also showe positive results in bringing key queries into the top 10 Yandex results. At the time of the start of the experiment, 2% of requests got there, and at the end – already 15% of keywords. Optimization spee Along with the spee of indexing, the process of search engine optimization has also accelerate. Organic traffic from search engines increase by 2180%. Before using the tool, it was 20 visits per day, and after that it increase to more than 450 visits.


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