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Content eitor Gutenberg Content eitor Gutenberg Installing the Gutenberg plugin As a general rule, you do not nee to install a Gutenberg plugin for your WordPress website to use it, because it is a core plugin (an integral part of the system). The Gutenberg plugin is update with a new version, every time the WordPress system is update with a new version. That’s why you can always enjoy new tools. But, if you want to keep up to date with innovations, receive new blocks and even perform additional actions that have not yet been publishe within the framework of the core plugin, then you can also download the deicate plugin in the WordPress.org plugin library right here . You can also access your control panel on the website, go to “Plugins” then “New Plugin”, enter Gutenberg in the search field and install and activate. Gutenberg Features Gutenberg.

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The Gutenberg content eitor offers many Taiwan Phone Number List features and tools that are worth getting to know: A large library of blocks – texts, images, embedings, background colors and more. Possibility to embe content from other websites without knowlege of code or HTML, CSS or JS programming – for example: Facebook post, Instagram post, etc. Using reusable blocks without having to re-add them. Automatic saving of the content – to save the written content. Preview – you can view a preview before publication, both for regular computers and for mobile phones or tablets. Management of additional tools – if you use additional plugins such as promotion and marketing plugins for the website, eiting additional content, etc., the system offers to manage them, by adding and removing.

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So the interface becomes convenient and adjuste. Different Phone Number QA writing modes – there are several writing modes that allow you to write content so that other things do not disturb you. Designing full pages – it is possible to design full pages without knowlege of code and without page building plugins. Customization of blocks – you can customize and define each block, starting with the size of the text, colors, padding, spacing and more. Extensions of blocks – there are certain plugins that offer more customize blocks, for example WooCommerce presents blocks for stores and products.

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