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This guide explains everything about and more tips. What is Elementor? Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build pages and websites on top of the world’s most popular content management system. The plugin belongs to a company which is also its name, it is an Israeli company (at least as of the time of writing this article) that was establishe in 2016. The plugin actually allows you to build custom pages on WordPress websites and add certain elements (such as titles, texts, images, sliders, videos, maps, icons and more). The premium version also allows you to replace large parts of the template, and build entire websites in a customize way.

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A digital marketing expert is available for a call to Turkey Phone Number List promote your business Check how to improve your marketing channels to promote sales and customers in the business – free initial consultation (instead of NIS 599). full name phone E-mail Area of ​​activity of the business What service or product are you intereste in. I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp . Beyond that, today there are many plugins that provide “extensions” to the Elementor plugin.

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So that you can get more elements that are Phone Number QA not include in the company’s versions. So that easier tools were create to create websites in WordPress. WordPress by default did not allow to design pages in the past (until the launch of the default content eitor “Gutenberg”). But only through plugins that existe even before the launch of Elementor, such as WPBakery or Visual Composer. Elementor succeee very quickly because it made it possible to design pages in an easier and simpler way (compare to the previous 2) with the option of dragging an element and dropping it where you want it to be displaye. It also made it possible to add a simpler interface, with advance tools and especially with adaptation to right-to-left sites. Advantages of Elementor  why is it worth it.

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