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Currently only online stores can use this feature. Yandex representatives confirme that companies selling real estate and food delivery will be able to work with the product gallery in the future. We assume that later expansion is also possible for advertisers who do not sell goods. What is the structure of the product gallery The maximum number of cards in a product gallery is 36. The system collects them from different sites, which include online stores and marketplaces. It turns out that there are enough positions in the product gallery to make it easier for advertisers to get into it. It is also convenient for users who get more choice. Product gallery The appearance of the cards is very concise, but they provide enough information to make a decision: photograph. Pay attention to the high quality of the image – the user must see the product well; cost in rubles; discount.

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Shown in two places as a percentage on the Ivory Coast Phone Number List image and as a strikethrough gray value next to the current price; title. When a certain number of characters is exceee, part of the name is hidden behind an ellipsis. When the user hovers over, the text appears in full; Domain name. Such a display allows the user to immeiately highlight attractive offers, compare prices and, if desire, open the pages of the products they like. Advantages of a product gallery for business When a user sees an offer in a product gallery, they are taken to an expectation page, ready to make a purchase. Thanks to this effect, it is possible to increase the number of sales of the online store. However, this is not all the advantages of the gallery. Demonstration of goods from the favorable side. The card includes basic data that shows all the information a person nees: appearance, cost, promotions, discounts.

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The most important thing is the location – the cards under the search bar cannot be misse. Increasing conversion. Let’s look at some Phone Number QA examples: HOFF saw a 38% increase in sales between April and May 2022 thanks to the product gallery. Decrease advertising spending. The online store Onlinetrade was among the companies that teste the new feature and manage to reuce CPO by 23% in a month. At HOFF, the cost per click fell by 1.5 times, it took 6 weeks. The Eldorado store was able to reuce advertising costs by 30% in 4 weeks. No restrictions. It doesn’t matter if you have a large online store or several cards on the marketplace, you can use the product gallery anyway. Want more helpful tips? You will find them in our article “How to work in Yandex.Business: a detaile service guide” . Product gallery ad requirements To get into the product gallery, you nee to meet several requirements, since not all ads can get into this advertising section.


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