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We shift in recent years to offer on-demand video training courses through Moz Academy. Our team has been blown away by the reception of our online training programs. To date, over 142,000 students have enroll in a course through Moz Academy. Wowie! On top of that, 94% of Moz Academy students said they would recommend the course. They took to a friend or colleague. We’re so glad that our content is resonating with you and helping to level up your knowlge in various SEO subject areas. We launch our SEO Essentials Certification Series back in May 2019. And we’ve seen almost 500 students get certifi in that timeframe.

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Since then we’ve heard requests from across Germany Phone Number List the Moz community for more technical-focus coursework and more advanc course options. As a result, we’re stok to be adding another outstanding certification to our collection of coursework. The Learning Team has put in many, many hours of work to develop a technically focus, in-depth training series that hones in on the nuts and bolts of technical SEO. We’re thrill to announce the launch of the Technical SEO Certification Series through Moz Academy. What’s includ in the Technical SEO Certification Series.

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The Technical SEO Certification is a five-part Phone Number QA series dicat to technical SEO, combining video lessons with tasks and activities to allow for practical application of important concepts. The series culminates in a final exam, and with a passing score, you’ll be award an official Moz Certificate and badge for your LinkIn profile. The Certification Series was built to help you efficiently grow your technical skills and think critically about websites and SEO strategy from an inform technical perspective. By the time you wrap up the series, you’ll be ready to build a technical strategy for your website that ensures crawlability, indexability accessibility.

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