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The information includes the average position of your site and the number of clicks on your result. Links from other websites – here you can get information about websites that direct links to your website, whether they are leading (bringing the most views) or new. Social media – here you can find out how users visit your website through social networks. You can get information about the number of views and average duration. How to improve the content of your website with the tool? Here are some tips you should know to improve your content with this tool: Understand if you have sharp rises and falls in the overview graph, and what caused it: new content published, content removed, existing content gaining popularity, and more.

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This is especially so on the day the Russia Phone Number List change takes place. Investigate what has been done recently on your website, if you have a significant change in the number of page views or in average time. You can try to understand the day when this happened using the graph. Enhance the new content or increase awareness and exposure to it through sharing in other marketing channels. Try to replicate the success of leading and popular content, also for new and other non-popular content. Investigate what made them leading and engaging to improve the other content. If necessary, also try to link the leading content to new or less familiar content, to increase awareness of them.

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Share the content in groups on social networks or Phone Number QA forums and participate in discussions, to increase the amount of traffic and the average duration. Use the search queries (keywords) to get inspiration and ideas for writing more content. Improve your position by improving your content or improving the user experience. Try to find sites and other sources that bring traffic to your site, or ask them to add if your content belongs to the content they wrote. It is useful to find growth potential through social networks by participating in discussions or establishing or expanding an activity.

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