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The results? We receive 30 visits to the site at an average cost of 66 AJ per visit. This is much better than paying 20 NIS for a single visit. This is exactly the difference between a standard BOOST POST and creating an ad that is tailore for the specific nee. What is audience targeting and why is it good? The second reason why creating an ad is a better option to target the relevant target audience. Facebook’s ability to identify audiences is unmatche. It is possible to create audiences that have dozens of demographic characteristics, from work to marital status. It’s a shame not to take advantage of the variety of possibilities that Facebook offers us in this world.

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When doing a BOOST POST, the default is to target people who Costa Rica Phone Number List have like your business page. There’s nothing wrong with that, if someone likes a page, they’ll probably be happy to know what its latest updates are. On the other hand, what about all the people who haven’t like the page yet, but will find interest in the posts that go up to it? Without using a different target, you will not be able to reach them (note: in fact, you can change the target in BOOST POST, but this is not the setting that appears by default, so most people never change it). Exposing our ad to people who already follow eMojo ‘s page is great, because many of them are intereste in marketing and PR. But many of them are not. They are friends of the employees, and their families.

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They have no nee to know about the latest developments Phone Number QA and our opinions on internet marketing issues. . It’s a shame to “waste” exposure and money on them . Instead, we will use audience targeting to reach people who care about these issues, and along the way we will also earn additional relevant page likes. Let’s start by defining age, gender and language. Pretty basic. After that, we can use Detaile Targeting to reach what is really interesting.

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