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Different kind of result Image SEO. So the kinds of optimizations that you should consider for visual search. Which is searches that are made via Google Lens or Pinterest Lens.  Or via Bing’s image search tools, include image SEO around making sure that you’ve got images that are performing well for image. SEO with good file formats, titles, alt text, alt tags, schema, all of that sort of thing. Entities Also, you’re going to think about the kinds of entities. Which are within your photos. So visual search recognition software and tools, they can understand lots of different kinds of entities.

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There are a few that they prioritize in particular, though Israel Phone Number List and they include logos, landmark, text, and entities, which I’ve called “things” in this particular instance just as a shorthand, but entities that are essentially things that are found within the knowledge graph. Composition And then, the other one you want to think about is your composition. So the composition that you have for your image will affect what Google understands the image to be about. So, for instance, the way that different elements are positione within an image can affect how Google understands the image. So I did an article for Moz at the beginning of the year, where I compare pot. How composition impacts.

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Vision AI interpretation of images. And Phone Number MX then, when they turne it this way, they understood it to be a kettle, and those are two different things. So the way that you think about composition for your image can affect it. So make sure that you have clean and clear images and also that you’re thinking about your images being similar to user-generate content, particularly if you’re in a B2C business, and also that you understand the primary focus. So, for instance, if you had a photo of a bicycle and you were trying to emphasize the bicycle part of the image.

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