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If you don’t want this to happen to your ads, there are a number of important factors to consider. Carefully segment the audience No nee to sell the same product to several categories of buyers at the same time. For each group of people, you nee to create different ads that will meet their nees. Read more about segmentation options here . We use bright and original images Book a photo shoot with a professional to take pictures of each product from different angles. This investment will pay off: you will be able to use it both in the catalog and in advertising for a long time. Creating catchy headlines The headline is the second most important part of the ad. Basic requirements: it should be intriguing, catchy, interesting and informative. The combination of these qualities almost guarantees that the user will read the ad. The hardest thing is not to start writing clickbait.

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Badly Do you have a restaurant Business in Russia Paraguay Phone Number List is changing under the pressure of sanctions.” Good: “The market nees targetologists. Let’s teach!” “We help launch VKontakte advertising” We conduct tests The new requirements came into force relatively recently. Qualitative conclusions about how they affect conversion are not yet available. We recommend testing audience segments, pictures, headlines, texts, etc. And if you are running targete and contextual advertising, try the service . With it, you can work with campaigns using one advertising account. You will also find a number of professional tools in it. They allow you to manage bids, create ads automatically, parse semantics, etc. And to work with analytics, we suggest using our dashboards. also has an affiliate program . Participate and get rewarde from the advertising turnover of your customers.

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Social networks Instagram and Facebook are  prohibite in the Phone Number QA Russian Feeration. By a court decision date March 21, 2022, Meta was recognize as an extremist organization on the territory of the Russian Feeration. How the new tool helps protect campaigns from click fraud and save money click.ruB2B Click 17 June 2022 at 10:45 Font:01184 Most advertisers know about click-through ads. Those who work in niches with a high cost per click, where this type of fraud is considere the norm, are especially affecte. Financial costs are even include in the campaign budget. Yandex Metrica claims that the roboticity in Direct is at the level of 1.76%. At first glance, this is not enough. However, the statistics include non-profit niches. When it comes to commercial niches, robotism reaches tens of percent. The service seeks to protect advertisers from clicks, so it has develope its own tool . In this article we will talk about it in more detail.


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