6 ways, 1 principle, demand insight can Belize WhatsApp Number List be so simple!

Referring to what I said earlier. In my understanding. Need is pain and desire. But such a statement is still imprecise. Because we found that many things in life that are not painful are slowly becoming our needs . For example. The explosion of products such as electric toothbrushes and air fryers that I mentioned in “10 landing tips for persuading users”. Therefore. At this moment. User demand is not only about pain. But also constantly extending outwards. A basic consensus of everyone is that “90% of the pain points in people’s daily necessities have been excavated.” the pain point market is already a red sea.



Three, 6 ways of demand collection

The three concepts of pain point. Refreshing Belize WhatsApp Number List point. And itching point are mentioned here. In order to facilitate understanding. We can understand the difference between the three through three examples. (1) a is sick and needs to see a doctor. Without effective treatment. The pain will continue. And even death. (2) b played basketball on the playground all morning. Sweating profusely. And chose to buy a can of iced coke. (3) c went shopping with his girlfriends. Found an online celebrity punch card shop. Decided to go in and take a photo and sent it to the circle of friends. Through specific scenarios. We can easily judge: a is a pain point. B is a refreshing point.



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The first way is called: empathy

And the matching is a rigid solution. The Belize WhatsApp Number List consequences of a’s not going to the hospital are almost unbearable. (2) the refreshing point comes from instant gratification . Which matches the happy feeling of the moment. B can choose to drink warm water that does not hurt the body. But the feeling it brings is far less pleasant than a glass of ice cola. (3) the itch comes from the idealized setting . Which matches the self-expression. Actually. C has no demand for the store itself. Her demand comes from the influence of the internet celebrity. Which is a record of beautiful moments. Therefore. At this time. We can give a definition of user needs. That is. To gain insight into user needs.

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