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Where is the telephone number 89338968 coming from? Read the posts below to find out details about this number 89338968. Please share as much information as you can about 89338968 so other users can benefit from your comment.

asked Apr 24 by anonymous

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Volume 49, Issue 40 - ScienceDirect.com
Calixarenes - the third generation of supramolecules. Original Research Article Pages 8933-8968. Seiji Shinkai. Show preview | PDF (2028 K) | Recommended ...
Heterogeneous Palladium‐Catalyzed Regioselective ...
8933-8968. [i] M. c' Etter. T. \I: Panunto. J h i . Chrwr. Soc. 1988. 110. 5896 -5897: M. C. Etter. Z. Urh:iiiczyk-Lipkowska. M. Zia-Ehrahimi, T. W. Panunto. J. Am.
... Y.T. Fok Heart Center, 96 Dong Chuan Road, Guangzhou 510100; Telephone: 020-83874283 ;020-83874293-8933/8968; Opening Hours:8:00am-11:30am
Inclusion property and molecular modeling of calix[4]arene ...
Dec 1, 1999 ... The inclusion properties of two calix[4]arene derivatives 5, 11, 17, 23-tetra-tert- butyl-25, 27-bis (isopropyl carbamoyl-methoxy)-26 ...

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