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They are a tool for experiential insights and reference material that can help business people explore decision-making uses. Therefore And they are developed with real user feedback. In addition. These maps do not provide direct answers by themselves. But are used to facilitate dialogue or serve as a decision guide. Bringing people together across departments to discuss business goals. Point out potential opportunities or agree on values ​​and goals. And make solutions more efficient. Feasible. That is to promote common participation. Therefore Common thinking. Common goals. And common efforts. Mental models. Spatial maps. Service blueprints. User experience maps. And customer journey maps all belong to experience visualization maps. Also known as alignment maps. 1.



Character prototype

User portrait and user experience map Whatsapp Mobile Number List introduction The user portrait itself can reflect the characteristics of the service object. Which is convenient for improving business services and helping to study user needs or product pain points. Therefore. It will be used in conjunction with some experience visualization maps. Therefore And it can help designers guide decision-making in product function. Navigation. Interaction. And even visual design. It is an effective tool to connect user appeals and design directions. In short. It allows you to know who the product is for and what they have. Characteristics or demands. Therefore The user experience map focuses on the experience of an individual in a product or field. Focuses on how the product fits the individual user experience.


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Methods of building character prototypes

Therefore And provides insight into business Whatsapp Mobile Number List opportunities through individual user behavioral touchpoints and perspectives. It is a more visual tool that helps to arouse resonance and focus on user experience. It is more in line with the concept of emotional design and is suitable for visual maps that interact with product systems from the perspective of users. Therefore. It is understandable to see these experience maps often in the portfolio. Therefore On the one hand. It is used as a research report description at the strategic level to support the basis for design or decision-making. On the other hand. It is for other readers to reach a consensus and facilitate empathy design goals. Of course. Enriching and beautifying the collection is also on the one hand.

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