10,000-character long text smashing enterprise service products: scrm scrm

On the one hand. Through multi-channel management. Search/map expansion. Marketing tools (group operation. Task treasure. Fission. Red envelopes. Lottery. Distribution. Etc.). Crm and telemarketing mobile phones. Covering online sales. Face-to-face sales and telesales three the large customer contact scene solves the pain points of high customer acquisition cost. Low lead conversion rate. And black box status of social managementon the other hand. Improve the communication efficiency of after-sales service and customer repurchase through the sidebar. Customer sop. And marketing tools. Help enterprises achieve digital and refined sales process management and customer resource management. Thereby improving the level of business development.

It can be seen from the above description that tanma is an enterprise service company based on the enterprise wechat ecosystem. In the customer marketing link. It provides enterprises with the whole process of customer acquisition – conversion – transaction – operation by covering sales scenarios and operating customers in a refined manner. Program.

 Macro-environmental analysis

Develop the digital economy. Promote digital Oman Phone Number industrialization and industrial digitization. Promote the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy. And create a digital industry cluster with international competitiveness. Strengthen the construction of a digital society and a digital government. And improve the level of digital intelligence in public services and social governance. Improve the digital skills of all people and achieve full coverage of information services. Actively participate in the formulation of international rules and standards in the digital field.



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It can be seen that industrial digitization has become a consensus to boost the economy. And promoting the transformation and upgrading of the entire industrial chain and supply chain has become an important task in the new era. In contrast. In 2020. The national development and reform commission and the central network information office released the “Implementation plan for promoting the action of “Going to the cloud. Using data and empowering intelligence” to cultivate new economic development. And formally proposed the concept of “Industrial internet” at the national level. . To encourage the construction of a multi-layered industrial internet platform to empower the digital transformation of small. Medium and micro enterprises .It can be seen that there is clear policy support for customer marketing and enterprise digital upgrading.

 Economic Environment

The “2021 Economic Annual Report” released by the National Bureau of Statistics shows that “in the face of the complex and severe international environment and the multiple challenges of the domestic epidemic, the growth rate in 2021 will be 8.1% over the previous year, and the average growth rate in the past two years will be 5.1%”, April 2022, “The growth rate of industrial added value above designated size fell by 2.9% year-on-year, the service industry production index fell by 6.1%, and the total retail sales of consumer goods fell by 11.1%.”

According to the statement of the Bureau of Statistics, China’s economy as a whole is doing well, but it faces many challenges.

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