10 landing techniques to Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List persuade users to open a high emotional intelligence communication mode in 1 second

Before we talk about techniques. Let’s talk about “Persuasion” itself. Otherwise just staring at some skills becomes meaningless. I am a bit greedy. Metaphysical and metaphysical things. I want to deliver to you. Persuasion. In layman’s terms. Is to make the other party “Listen to me” through sufficient reasons. This is fundamentally different from communication. Communication is a kind of exchange of information. And the two sides exchange on an equal footing. Persuasion emphasizes purpose. And it is often the people in the lower position to persuade the people in the higher position. How can we tell where we are? The key is to see where the decision-making power belongs.



Authority effect

Whoever has the final decision-making Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List power stands in a high position. When a high position influences a low position. It often does not require persuasion. Except for special circumstances. Most of them will choose to use power to make direct demands. Such as the leader assigning tasks to you. Or the parents restricting the children’s play time. On the contrary. If the low position is to influence the high position. Persuasion is the most important tool. Because low-level positions cannot directly make orders or requests. It is necessary to prepare sufficient reasons and facts to allow high-level people to make decisions that are beneficial to themselves.




No Risk Commitment

It should be emphasized here that no Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List matter what means we use to persuade. The ultimate executor of the decision is the one with high position. This means: no matter how good your reasons are. It’s just to provide more reference for high-ranking people . When you think about this. You understand the essence of persuasion. ——essentially . We cannot convince a person. What we call persuasion is actually to let the high-level person complete a logical self-consistency through selective information. So as to make a decision that is more beneficial to the high-level person. And this decision the collateral effects of s are in favor of low-ranking people. So I say that the premise of persuasion must be a win-win situation. Otherwise it is deception. 2. 50% of persuasion After talking about the nature of persuasion.

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